A Guide

Before starting off around here, I believe a guide to my way of writing/reviewing/communicating(?) is in order.

As I’ve already told you in The Hobbit says Hi! that the Hobbit that I am, I naturally take a great liking to good food. And other than that, I do thoroughly enjoy staying peacefully in my Hobbit Hole, reading a nice book, on most days. Hence, this shall be my platform to communicate with you, my dear distant relatives (human beings, if you will), about the books I read and how I find them to be.

The plus, here, would be that sometimes I shall also be talking about the delicacies mentioned in the book (now I’m talking, am I not? 😀 ).

From time to time, I shall also be sharing some personal opinions about random things, rambling, try my hand at creative writing or make some random lists (as must be visible from the tabs here).

Well, so that’s mostly how I’ll be functioning around here. Feel free to drop in your ideas/responses/Elvish gibberish whenever you want to. Also, don’t forget to be kind because that’s what keeps the darkness at bay. 🙂

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